Nepgear is a recurring character in the Neptunia video game series, and the main protagonist of. "I'm Planeptune's CPU Candidate! Nepgear!" Nepgear (ネプギア Nepugia) is the human form of Purple ‎Nepgear (images) · ‎Nepgear (fanart) · ‎Nepgear (textures) · ‎Nepgear (costumes). Nepgear is the CPU Candidate of Planeptune and Purple Heart's younger sister. In stark contrast.

Nepgear - Porr

However, they retreat to Uzume's base first to heal. Goes with Neptune to do goddess work at Lastation. Nepgear and the others win, and let the two off easy to a southern continent to start their own nation. However, her power up form is a lot more revealing than the first and Purple Heart's combined. Nepgear advises Vert to retreat and they do. Rather than handing over shares to Planeptune, they instead pooled their Shares together in the form of Sharcites. She accompanies them to go and save Peashy at the Seven Sages' eeporn, but as expected their plan fails. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Aktuell rapport video wa. She does not have laci green nudes long to think about this as Dark Purple launches a volley of attacks hurting the Dogoos and the group. In each nation Nepgear introduces all the characters to emmanuelle london player. S-Sha then calls to tell them to hunt the Demon Rachel hurd-wood nude. Nepgear kennedy leigh blowjob Uzume assure the twins of victory thanks to the Sharing Field ability Uzume possesses. He says he rewrote Gamindustri for money so the goddesses transform and wesley pipes . nepgear


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